The Honarkar Foundation

At The Honarkar Foundation, we envision a world where the arts and humanities are not exclusive privileges, but rather cherished resources that inspire, empower, and connect.

The Honarkar Foundation is dedicated to supporting and promoting arts, culture, and education in Laguna Beach.


Launched in 2023, our spacious 4,200 square-foot exhibition venue is housed within the historically significant former post-office building at 298 Broadway Street.
This museum-quality exhibition space is dedicated to showcasing a rotating series of curated shows, with a specific focus on Southern California artists.
It also plays host to a diverse range of public programming and collaborations, including performances, screenings and discursive events.

Here's our story

Nikki and Hasty, the founders of the Honarkar Foundation, are passionate advocates for the arts and education.

With their shared vision, they have worked tirelessly to create opportunities and resources for artists and students in Laguna Beach.

The Honarkar Foundation has made a significant impact on Laguna Beach by providing opportunities and resources for artists and students, enriching the local arts community


Who we are

Through our endeavors, we aspire to support the cultural arts and creative ecosystem of our community and preserve and enhance the abundant natural beauty that surrounds us. Together, we endeavor to build a legacy that is united in the pursuit of a more enlightened, compassionate, and vibrant community.

Mohammad Honarkar
Co-Founder of The Honarkar Foundation

A dedicated family man, proud father of two, and a loving grandfather to four. As an accomplished investor, entrepreneur, and real estate developer, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of Laguna Beach. Mohammad is a passionate advocate for enhancing the beauty of his community, tirelessly working to make it a vibrant, safe, and nurturing place to live. His unwavering commitment to giving back to those who contribute significantly to the town's well-being underscores his vision for a thriving and inclusive Laguna Beach, where everyone benefits from its unique charm and community spirit.

Nikki Honarkar Bostwick
Co-Founder of The Honarkar Foundation

A staunch advocate for preserving Laguna Beach's natural landscapes and cultural essence. Her deep-rooted connection to the town drives her philanthropic efforts, while her wellness brand, THE FULLEST, promotes mental health through natural supplements and lifestyle support. As a mother of two and a high school sweetheart, Nikki's enduring commitment extends to both her family and the beloved community she holds dear.

Hasty Honarkar
Co-Founder of The Honarkar Foundation and Founder of Laguna Creative Ventures

Hasty combines artistry, urban planning expertise, and cultural stewardship to impact Laguna Beach's creative community. Her diverse background in art, design, and urban planning converges to create a profound influence on the city, reflecting her roles as a community advocate, artistic influencer, and champion of local non-profits. Hasty's commitment to cultural arts is evident in every facet of her involvement, guiding The Honarkar Foundation's creative initiatives and contributing significantly to its enduring legacy.

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